What is the Definition of a True Writer?

There isn’t a day that goes by when I hear it online and from my writer friends with the same old question; “what is a true writer”? Many individuals define a “true” writer as someone who is published. Which means that with one published novel as well as numerous published articles under my belt, I certainly qualify for that title.

But the truth is, the more that I am involved in this business of writing the more I wonder about that meaning. For me personally, being a “true” writer is much more about a mindset rather than an existence. I truly believe that it is essential for an individual to first become a true writer before becoming a published writer. I realize that while most, if not all, published writers are true writers that on the contrary is not always correct. I know of many great writers who have not yet been published but I believe if they stay with it they will eventually be published.

No person is born to be a writer even though numerous individuals are blessed with that gift. And this can certainly be a big help during the many difficult challenges that all writers face. A true writer that wants to be successful needs these five important components in their writing arsenal.

To start with, the most important is having a unique writing process. To be able to write clearly and efficiently, and of course, to develop into a better writer, you must first develop a writing method. If you don’t have a plan or an effective writing method, it can greatly prevent your ability to write. On the other hand, with a writing method catered to your unique strengths and weaknesses can help make your writing better as well as smoother.

The next component crucial to your writing method is knowing where your strengths and weaknesses lie. What seems to be the most difficult part of your writing method? What is the least difficult? The more knowledge you have about your writing, the better prepared you will be to make improvements to the areas where you are the strongest at and to work on the areas where you are the weakest at.

Another important component of becoming a true writer is critique. Writers must develop the skills necessary to critique and edit their work efficiently. Having a support network in place such as a critique group is also important to help with the process.

A true writer also needs to be a reader. Writers should follow and read some of their favorite author’s work and writing style. Reading and studying the work of these authors will provide inspiration not only for ideas but also the vocabulary applied.

The last important component is possessing a strong work ethic. True writers will practice their craft over and over again. While a number of writers may only write a few hours a day, others may spend many hours on their writing. The amount of time spent is not as important as having a regular writing schedule that you adhere to on a daily basis. It does not matter if you spent one hour a day or an entire day crafting your novel if that is your goal.

If you wish to be a true writer then you need to work on these five important components of your writing trade. Once you have perfected these five components of the craft, then you will be on your way to becoming a true writer.

Tony is a #freelance #photographer and #writer specializing in #lifestyle/#travel, and #fine #art. Enjoys traveling and learning new #cultures.

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