Visiting Beautiful Alabama in 2018

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For anyone planning a vacation in the South might want to consider Alabama. The state offers visitors with tranquility, beauty and a relaxed atmosphere combined with excellent shopping, dining, and recreational activities. Gulf Shores and Orange Beach located along the beautiful Gulf Coast are Alabama’s most popular vacation spots providing visitors with plenty of outdoor activities and fine local cuisine.

A little further along the Gulf Coast lies the port city of Mobile. Visitors can explore some of the city’s unique attractions, museums, and downtown Mobile’s historical section. Be sure to sample the seafood that the city is known for.

Situated in the northeastern part of Alabama close to the town of Bridgeport is the Russell Cave National Monument. The park is a popular location spot for a weekend getaway. Encompassing some 310 acres, the park was established on May 11, 1961, by land donated by the National Geographic Society. The region was once home to prehistoric people dating back to 1650 A.D. Visitors can explore the park or hike on one of the nature trails. A number of interesting artifacts can be viewed inside the visitor center museum.

A visit to Birmingham, Alabama’s largest city is not to be overlooked. Visitors will find a number of attractions sure to please even the most discriminating. Among the most popular attractions is the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame with exhibits showcasing the accomplishments of some of the greatest jazz legends of our time including the great Nat King Cole, Duke Ellington, Lionel Hampton and Erskine Hawkins and featuring the music that made them famous.

Another attraction not to be missed is the Vulcan Park and Museum. The park is home to the largest cast iron statue in the world. The statue is made up of 100,000 pounds of iron and stands 56 feet tall. Spectacular views of Birmingham can be seen from the top of the park.

Other area attractions include the Talladega Superspeedway and the International Motor Sports Hall of Fame situated next door.

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