The Fundamentals of Writing an Award Winning Murder Mystery

Who doesn’t love a suspenseful murder mystery? Today’s murder mystery novels are more popular than ever before. What has made this genre one of the most popular categories for more than one hundred years? The answer to this question can be found in the fundamentals of creative writing.

Grab Their Attention and Don’t Let Go

A writer must first begin with a compelling story, that involves the creation of three-dimensional recognizable characters. The truth that the story transpires against an otherwise standard backdrop setting, involved with the focus to solve a murder mystery is only the icing on the cake.

A reader must really care about the very least one of these three individuals; the individual who was murdered, the murderer, or the individual looking for the murderer. If the reader can’t identify with at least one of these characters, the story will most likely not come together. Reading a book makes use of a good deal of our time, and in today’s society, it is often our most treasured resource. It is essential that the writer has a convincing answer to this question; “why would I spend my precious time reading your book?”

My response to that question is; due to the fact that the story is related to someone that the reader may find rather interesting; themselves. The reader must recognize a part of themselves in one or more of the characters. Even though they might see themselves in situations that are totally different from their everyday life, they need the chance to think about whether or not they would react in the same way under those situations.

The Murder Mystery Must Be Resolved at the Conclusion of the Story

Readers love to speculate at the who done it part of a murder mystery. Still, they are oftentimes disappointed if they can solve the answer with ease, or perhaps too soon into the story.

Our life is all about uncertainty. We hardly ever actually know the secrets hidden by the people around us, including our most trustworthy loved ones. And that is the main reason that makes a good murder mystery so engaging. The fact is, our personal lives are enlightened by mysteries that never get solved.

However, as opposed to real life, in the story, everything is revealed by its ending. As a result, we can find a level of comfort in knowing the difference between our real lives and the story, the peace of mind of figuring out the answer. The reader is aware that secrets are being concealed by the writer. However, in contrast to the chaotic and stressful disarray in real life, whenever they read to the ending, everything will be revealed.

Read, Learn, and Write

Many of the best murder mysteries entail dialogue on non-related perplexing subject matter. This normally prompts the reader to learn about some hidden content having little to do with the murder in the story.

Reading requires a commitment to take over the mind as well as the emotions of another individual. Every now and then, that individuals experience and knowledge is a vital part of understanding them. As a result, during the process of reading a murder mystery, an individual might learn the understanding between military strategy and the methods used during the Civil War, or on the other hand, the methods used for DNA identification of human remains.

In Conclusion

Essentially, a murder mystery must be a story that should be able to stand on its own without the need for the murder and mystery. The characters should never be irrelevant to the story, but rather, move it forward. Your characters should certainly have some qualities whereby the reader can identify with. Simply put, the reader must be interested enough about these characters in order to be curious enough to stick around to solve the mystery.

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