The Beauty and Vastness of Namibia — a Photographer’s Dream

The Republic of Namibia is a vast, sparsely populated country located along the south Atlantic coast of Africa. Namibia covers some 825,418 square kilometers (318,772 sq miles) of scenic and unique vistas. It’s no surprise that this peaceful nation is a popular region among photographers. Undoubtedly some of the most popular subjects photographed include the Sossusvlei sand dunes and the renowned but feared Skeleton Coast within the Namib Desert.

The breathtaking depths of the Fish River Canyon as well as the never-ending plains of the Kaokoveld are other regions within Namibia not to be overlooked. Unusually shaped rock formations, dormant volcanoes, as well as giant dinosaur footprints, complete the diversity of this vast and unforgettable breathtaking country. The region offers so much variety of sights that the photographer will never run out of things to photograph. For photo enthusiasts and travelers alike, the richness of shades and tones and textures this incredible landscape have made Namibia a favorite destination among photographers.

Nature And Wildlife

The country’s nineteen state-owned wildlife parks, nature preserves, as well as numerous resorts make up nearly fifteen percent of Namibia’s total land area. Although its wildlife parks are smaller compared to some of the world’s other top wildlife spots, the Etosha National Park, one of Africa’s outstanding wildlife parks is well worth visiting. You’ll discover desert-dwelling elephants, black rhinos, and giraffes located in the northwestern part of the country. Additionally, there are also a great variety of small creatures especially adapted for survival within the rough extreme of the

Namib Desert.

Further to the northeast are forests and wetlands, a sharp contrast compared to the western region. Small lakes and flatlands are a vital part of the region attracting antelopes of various species. A number of unique plants such as the renowned welwitschia with its shredded leaves are a good example of adapting to life within the desert environment. The bottle tree is another example of the rugged outcrops of Kaokoveld.

Other Attractions

Namibia’s remote regions in the barren northwest are best suited for extreme trekking off the beaten path. The Naukluft, a 4×4 trail was the first route to be mapped out in a state-owned preservation spot. The route extends across mountainous terrain including the plateau of the Naukluft Mountains. The trail extends for some 72 km together with steep inclines, sudden descents, maneuvering through mountain passes, all certain to test the limits of your hiking skills. The Isabis, another 4×4 trail is situated within a farming region in Windhoek providing a number of options ranging from 16 kilometers up to 40 kilometers with a choice of two campsites. There are also several other trails to choose from.

The opportunities are endless. Namibia without a doubt offers one of the best locations for shark angling from the shoreline. This one-of-a-kind sport has become a very popular recreational sport. No need to worry if you’re an animal lover; shark angling is a catch and release activity.

Most Ideal Time to Travel

There is really no bad time to visit Namibia, the weather is favorable all year round. However, some months are better suited than others; it all depends on what you want to see and explore. Take note; August and December are the busiest months during the vacation season. Be sure to reserve your car hire and accommodations well in advance. Wildlife watching is most ideal from May through October. The Summer months can get very hot in Namibia, with hiking not recommended. The Fish River Canyon trail is closed from September to April. March is the perfect start to bird watching, after the rainy season.

Before You Go

If you want to experience all that Namibia has to offer, spend some money on a car hire. One of the biggest investments will be in camping gear; expect to spend a majority of your time camping out within the lay of the land. Do some research into what kind of attractions that interest you. There is just so much to see and unfortunately no time to see everything. Traveling in this vast country will be considerable. Be sure to bring some camping attire with you, otherwise, you won’t need too much of regular apparel.

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