Namibia: A Country Awaiting the Adventurer

First-time visitors arriving in Namibia might be overwhelmed by its sheer size. With an area of 318,260 square miles, Namibia is a country providing visitors with its spectacular beauty and varied landscapes. It comes as no surprise that this peaceful country is a favorite among the adventurer.

Some of the most interesting sites to explore include the Sossusvlei sand dunes, the renowned but feared Skeleton Coast in the Namib Desert, the Fish River Canyon with its awe-inspiring depths, and the continuous plains of the Kaokoveld. Desert.

Other sites of this diversified and beautiful country include giant dinosaur footprints, mysterious rock formations, and dormant volcanoes.

Nature and Wildlife

Namibia’s 19 state-owned game and nature reserves make up approximately 15 percent of Namibia’s total land area. Although the wildlife in its wildlife reserves is smaller compared to other popular wildlife destinations, it still has plenty to offer. Most notably, the Etosha National Park is one of Africa’s major wildlife reserves.

The desert northwest is home to the desert-dwelling elephant, black rhino and giraffe. The region also offers an incredible diversity of small animals that have adapted for survival in the harsh Namib Desert region.

The northeastern section of the country is home to forests and lowlands that stand out in sharp contrast compared to the western region.

The region is made up of small lakes and flood plains that attract antelopes and a variety of species. The backwaters are dotted with water lilies and a variety of unique plants lined along the edges of the waterways.

The renowned welwitschia plant with its shredded leaves serves as a fine example of having adapted to life within the desert environment. Another interesting desert plant is the bottle tree. It is reminiscent of the rugged outcrops of the Kaokoveld Desert, home to an unusual diversity of lichens.

Other Things to See and Do

The remote regions of Namibia, most notably the desert northwest are ideal for hiking and exploration.

The unique Naukluft 4×4 trail was first built by early pioneers and is the first route to be mapped out in a state-owned conservation area. It is regarded as the most difficult trail in Namibia and said to be the most difficult unguided 4x4 trail in the world. The trail winds through mountainous terrain and through the plain of the Naukluft Mountains. The trail covers approximately 120 kilometres including steep inclines, rugged descents, and narrow mountain passes. It will test the fortitude and spirit for the extreme adventurer.

Another trail less difficult is the Isabis 4×4 nature trail. The trail extends along the neighboring farms of Isabis and Hornkranz. Visitors have the option to choose trails ranging from 16 kilometres to 40 kilometres with a choice of two campsites. The area provides spectacular views of the mountains and gorges.

Best Time to Visit

Namibia provides visitors with activities that can be enjoyed year-round. Some are months are better than others depending on what you want to see and do.

The months of August and December are the busiest for tourism, so be sure to book your accommodations, car rental in advance. You can also book a tour guide if needed.

Observing Namibia’s incredible wildlife is best during the dry winter months that run from May through October. The summer season in Namibia can get extremely hot and hiking during those months is not recommended.

The Fish River Canyon trail is closed from September through April. Bird-watching is ideal beginning in March after the rainy season.

Do some research into the regions that appeal most to you. It’s almost impossible to see everything that Namibia has to offer in such a short time. Focus on the regions and sites that interest you the most

Travel time will vary in this vast country. It’s important that you bring the proper clothing for safaris and camping you plan to do.

Being prepared for every situation you encounter will allow you the freedom to explore the adventure that awaits you at every corner of your journey.

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