Explore the Best of Berlin by Bicycle

For those who have traveled to Berlin will probably have noticed just how bike-friendly the city actually is. Berlin is known for its broad streets featuring more than 650 miles of bike pathways. Several bike routes take visitors through historic parts of Berlin including a route which marks the spot where the Berlin Wall once stood.

Bicycling has become a great deal more popular since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Most of the city is flat which means that it’s fairly easy to travel from one location to another without worrying about being stuck in a traffic jam or having to waste time searching for a parking spot.

An increasing number of visitors are opting to choose bicycling over public transportation in order to see part of Berlin’s 800-year-old history. Other than by foot, there is not a better method by which a visitor can explore the Brandenburg Gate, Alexanderplatz, the Tiergarten or perhaps one of the numerous lakes and rivers.

Visitors intending on renting a bicycle will have no problem in doing so. A number of bicycle rental stations can be found throughout the city, with many located in close proximity to Friedrichstrasse, Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain and the Zoologischer Garten in Berlin Mitte. The average rental fee is approximately €10 a day, based on the type of bicycle.

For individuals choosing to explore the city on their own or with a guided bike tour can obtain useful information on specific routes throughout Berlin. Each bicycle tour is unique, highlighting numerous themes as well as providing valuable insider tips.

The city has been working hard in building new bicycle routes excluding the more than 900 kilometers in use at the moment. These new routes are intended to make cycling safe and provide easy access to many of the city’s main attractions. Twenty of these bike routes have already been completed with seven more to go, providing visitors access to all parts of the city and surrounding area.

This means that an individual can bike from the Rotes Rathaus (Red City Hall) by way of Alexanderplatz and Karl-Marx-Allee, to Lichtenberg and Marzahn. Another route worth following is from the Freie Universität (Free University) in historic Dahlem to Kreuzberg.

Exploring the vibrant Kreuzberg district on a bicycle is perfect for discovering the many shops, pubs, coffee houses and restaurants that exist near Bergmannstraße, Chamissoplatz, and Südstern.

One of the most popular bike paths is alongside the Mauerweg that traces the route of the former Berlin Wall. Most of the old border patrol road is still paved and for the most part still in one piece making it suitable for biking. Traces of the wall can be followed along the back streets in the city center.

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