Experience the Magic of Autumn in Quebec City

Each fall, Quebec City comes alive in a mix of stunning autumn color. Feast your eyes on red maples and sugar maples bursting of fire with red and gold among the dark green trees that line the Saint Lawrence River. If you’re planning to visit the city this fall, make sure you intend to stay a little longer to really enjoy it! You can experience the changing of the leaves as they turn gold and orange, signaling the arrival of fall. Crisp cool autumn colors vibrant in every which way, provide a perfect setting for a visit to Quebec City.

The Plains of Abraham, high on the bluffs of Cape Diamond overlooking the city, offers a great vantage point to the display of dazzling fall colors. You can also view many ships sailing on the Saint Lawrence River that flows through Quebec City. This part of the city offers a character and charm of its own that is completely different from most North American cities.

You will find houses decorated in yellow paint with blue window frames. According to local legend, the bright colors helped the townsfolk locate their homes in treacherous blizzards.

Walking has its advantage if you want to experience the city first hand. Unless you want to visit some of the outlying areas, there is actually no need to use your vehicle in the city. There are plenty of parking spaces available. If you decide to stay at the Radisson Hotel, it would be an ideal location to start your tour of the old quarters of Quebec City. The Parliament building is located just two blocks from the hotel, outside the Saint Louis Gate that leads to Old Quebec City. Plan on spending at least two or three days exploring the area.

Don’t forget to visit the exciting Grand Allee and Rue Saint Jean, with its many churches, quaint restaurants, cafes, and unique shops. Possessing an old world quality-like atmosphere, it’s one reason why visitors return again and again to share in the spirit of this neighborhood.

September also marks the beginning of a new cultural season. Concert halls, exhibitions, and theaters are booming, including the National Museum of Fine Arts in Quebec, where exhibitions always attract a crowd.

Fall is also harvest season time when the outdoor markets fill to the brim with local produce and specialty products. With markets, orchards, vineyards, and producers of cider, beer, and wine, merchants welcome visitors to taste their products.

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