Enjoy a weekend getaway to Bourbon Street in New Orleans

For a short weekend stay, nothing beats New Orleans, the largest and most popular city in Louisiana. Bourbon Street in the French Quarter is the most popular spot for locals and visitors alike. The street is also known as “Rue Bourbon”, which stretches 13 blocks from Canal St. to Esplanade Avenue. You’ll hear French spoken quite often as you walk along Bourbon Street giving you a sense that you might be in Paris.

There are some good markets that offer local food and gifts, or try out an authentic French restaurant with outdoor seating for a more relaxed atmosphere. The French Market is made up of six blocks of historic shops and restaurants, the Flea Market and the Farmers Market.

While visiting the French Quarter, be sure to check out the numerous gift shops, unique boutiques, art galleries, antique shops, collectible stores and much more.

The French Quarter offers a good selection of hotels and lodging featuring some of the most exquisite hotels in New Orleans.

Bourbon Street comes alive with the sound of live music, unique bars, and nightclubs. And don’t forget, Bourbon Street is the place where the world-renowned Mardi Gras festival takes place each year.

So get ready for some exciting fun and a pleasant experience when visiting New Orleans.

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